I'm trying not to get a big head

Hey, my first ever interview is now online! I was chosen as this month's featured illustrator at http://www.ocillustrators.com and was interviewed for the website. You can read all about me here: http://web.mac.com/jheverett/iWeb/OC_Illustrators/Featured%20Artist.html
Sorry the address is so long. Just copy & paste, baby.
That website, by the way, is the online site for the illustrators critique group that I'm a part of. We're all children's illustrators who meet once a month to show what we're working on and to share information and encourage each other. A really great group of people that I feel privileged to hang out with.
Oh, there will also be an audio podcast of my interview--which is a bit different from my written interview which I prepared beforehand. I'll let you know when that's up. In the meantime, you can also peruse the excellent previous interviews with other members of the group.