almost famous

Here's some news, people! Back in December I did about 20 illustrations for this educational game called Elementeo. It's kind of along the lines of Magic: The Gathering, but teaches kids about chemistry. Well, the CEO for the game, who happens to be a 14 yr. old kid, let me know today that there was a feature about the game on the home page of They included a picture of one of the cards that I illustrated depicting a witch overlooking some computer equipment. Unfortunately they didn't include my name:( But still, it was really cool to see my illustration on the main page of a site as big as You can check out the article at:
As far as I know, the kid behind the project, Anshul Samar, is still looking for a company to take on production and distribution of the game. Hopefully somebody will and I'll be able to purchase a copy of the game at some point. You can look at the game's website at:
I believe the game consists of about 120 cards and he used several other artists for the other cards.
The project was a tight deadline so I did the illustrations using scanned drawings and painting in Photoshop. I hope to get a gallery of the pictures up on my site soon.