Catching Bernie Wrightson at Gallery Nucleus

Hi Everyone,
  I'm very sorry I have put any new posts up in a while.  I have been doing some new artwork.  However, for this post I just wanted to tell about a really cool artist I was able to see present his work today.  The artist's name is Bernie Wrightson and I've been a fan of his work for a long time.  He is most known for his gorgeous pen & ink renderings for an illustrated version of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, as well as for the comic book series Swamp Thing.  Attached here is one of the Frankenstein illustrations.
  The talk Mr. Wrightson gave was up at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra.  This is actually the second time I've been able to see him present his work since he presented a few years back at Cal State Fullerton.  I've been a fan of his work though since my freshman year studying art in Indiana back in '94 when my drawing & illustration professor used to project slides of his work to illustrate principles of composition and values.  Because of that, it's really pretty cool for me to get to see this man in person whose work I admired so much in my classes.  He's very humble and personable and it was quite informative hearing him talk about his process and how these iconic pictures came about.  I definitely left inspired!
  Getting the chance to feed my artist's brain with such great visuals once again is so necessary as I keep plugging along trying to get better on my own stuff.  Great art cannot happen in a vacuum.
  Keep finding inspiration to feed your life.