What's your favorite fantasy creature?

Hello all,
So this week I've been working on sketches for a series of fantasy/mythological creature illustrations. Here's a page of some of the sketches:
I'm planning to whittle them down to my favorite one for each type of creature, and then turn that into a painting.
I'd love some reader input though... what is your favorite fantasy creature? (if you don't have a favorite fantasy creature, when did the child inside of you die? :) Just kiddin'! ) What do you think is a must have in a series of fantasy creature pictures?
Mine is probably a good ol' dragon! I've done a couple of dragon paintings before, and I'll definitely be doing a new one for this series.
Another question is, what should be happening in that scene with the creature of your choice?
Hope you are staying cool wherever you are. Wow, is L.A. hot right now!