Pirates are fun.

Hi everybody,
  These are some sketches I actually did a couple of weeks ago after I saw the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie (part 17?).  I guess I would put the movie in the category of "have low expectations, and you won't be disappointed" :)  It was easier to follow at least than the other recent ones.  I did have fun though.

  Anyway, I've actually been a fan of pirates (not real ones, mind you) since I was little.  See photo:

  That's me on the left :)  How awesome is that?!  The tattoos and facial hair is courtesy of my Mom and a Sharpie.  Not sure how old I am in the picture... 6 maybe?  That would make it around 1981.  My sister to my left chose a more demure Arabian princess costume of some sort.  The pirate thing was definitely my most favorite Halloween costume as a child!  You can tell I'm really feelin' it.

  And here is a photo of my super cute niece from a few years ago doing the pirate thing (a convenient excuse to post of picture of Katey):
  She is way cute, but I don't think she's as into it as her Aunt Cara was in similar circumstances:)  

  How do you guys feel about pirates?  Still cool?  Or "over it"?

  'Til next time.

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