Some Comic Progress...

  Happy Independence Day everybody:)  Right now it will be July 4th in exactly 10 minutes.

  Well, here is some progress on my comic.  This is from the same story I posted a page for a few weeks ago.  I'm happy with them but hoping I can gain some speed and really start to roll these out faster!

  Are you wondering what is happening in the story??  Well... there are dwarves... and that looming shape in the last panel is a wolf!  That's enough to tantalize you for now:)

  Oh, also I thought I would show you more of a peek into my process.  I posted thumbnails of all the pages for this opening portion of the story last week.  Well, as I take these to the finish, I just blow up the thumbnails, put them on my home-made light table, and draw the tight drawings on top.  Saves time and helps me keep the compositions as strong as they were in the thumbnails.

  Here's the blown-up thumbnail for the tighter page above that I just drew on top of:
  That's all for now... enjoy the fireworks tomorrow:)