So here's a sketch I did the other day when doodling in my sketchbook.  I don't think I've tried to draw a "wizard" before.  This is sort of the archetypical one that I picture.  He looks a little dark and dangerous, which I hear wizards are.

I have to confess, drawing the beard was probably the most fun.

My actual sketchbook often actually gives me inspiration for the classic fantasy stuff that I like to draw.  I don't think I've shown it before so here's a photo:

  I made it out of an old presentation portfolio that I had been using to show my illustrations.  It was a little cumbersome as a portfolio (it was the kind with the leather strings that tie around it) so I ended up shelving it for a simpler to use portfolio.

  But I loved the thick leather it was made of and wished I could use it somehow.  It occurred to me that I could use it to make a cool sketchbook.  I modified the shape a little, sewed drawing paper into it, glued magnets inside the front flap for the closing device, and voila!

  I always feel inspired just by pulling it out and looking at it:)  When I fill the pages completely, I plan to remove the pages and save them, and sew new pages in.