another drawing & exhibit date announcement

So here's another one in the works. I've been looking over my stuff and trying to post things that I haven't really shown yet. I actually tweeted this one out a while ago, but I so rarely tweet (not really my thing) that I'm assuming very few saw it.

I'll start painting this one pretty soon, but I'm finishing up Nott and Skadi at the moment.

This nefarious looking character is my depiction of Loki. Here he's working on one of his more dastardly deeds, when he caused the MOST BELOVEDEST god, Baldr, to be killed.

Loki, what a jerk.

He found out that mistletoe, of all things, was the only thing in heaven & earth that no one had remembered to get to swear not to harm the beloved Baldr. Sooo, he got some mistletoe and handed it to this nice blind god, Hodr, and helped him to throw it at Baldr. Baldr was playing a fun game where everybody threw things at him which couldn't harm him because "everything" had sworn not to hurt him. Whoops. Yeah, that went bad.

In other news, here's my save-the-date for the exhibit for this Norse series:
I posted this the other day on Facebook, but just in case someone didn't see it there... Be there if you can!